• Federal Bank - Fedbook TVC (3)
      Client | Federal Bank
      Agency | O&M , Mumbai

      Based on an amazingly simple app to open a bank account called Fedbook, we got the opportunity to produce and direct 3 TVC’s for Federal Bank. Directed by Faramarz Wankadia, the script though simple, gave Faramarz the opportunity to push the script in terms of performance and visual appeal. Apart from getting the right performances, an interesting part of the film was transitioning to the product window seamlessly. Faramarz decided against doing it in post and achieved this on set with the use of a camera rig and the results turned out more authentic than done in post. All in all the clients loved the films which is a good reward in itself. A big thanks to an awesome team that helped us deliver what we set out to achieve. Here are "Tattoo,Mehendi and Barber".
      • Tattoo

      • Mehendi

      • Barber