• You have the seed of an idea for your product , or the broad strokes for your script. Or, hell, you're at a loss for proposal ideas for your fiancee! When you call us we entice you with the promise of the best coffee this side of the Suez. When you leave, the RGBA think tank incubates your idea to flesh it out into a fresh and inviting visual spectacle with the sole intention of making your viewer go "woah"!
    • This process could mean starting by tossing a ball at a wall while tossing your brief in our heads till we hit that eureka moment. As part of the target audience that you cater to, we ask ourselves what would draw us to your end product. As artists and enthusiasts of multiple mediums how do we then use these platforms to bring that idea to life?
    • With a team of 11 artists we have thus put out 220 projects - from TV commercials, to VFX shots for feature films, channel ID's and promos, Complete CG production of TVC's,3D animatics for advertising agency research purposes , previzualisation for feature VFX shoots and CGI for print. Our team is a combination of artists with upwards of 3 years of experience.
    • Drawing on our relationships with other professionals in Mumbai and abroad, we also have access to a corp of skilled freelancers and alliances with ancillary service providers that we can call upon to facilitate projects that are of larger magnitudes. The RGBA stamp is guaranteed as we are responsible for supervision and quality control of these partners.
      • Founding Partners
    • Aakash Shivdasani

      Creative Director
    • Armed with a masters diploma in animation and VF/x from the Art Institute of Vancouver in Canada, Aakash found his way back to India 7 years ago and put in boot camp at EFX Prasad Labs .From there he moved on to TATA Elxsi and then Tatvah to end up as modeling supervisor at Prime Focus. In between he did a stint for Ken Ghosh’s planned animation setup acting as consultant for their in-house show reel comprising 2 minutes of pure CG work generated by the small team at his disposal. Aakash has an overall generalists knowledge of several aspects of the 3d process but his forte is modeling and developing virtual worlds and sets.
    • As a team leader and supervisor he honed his skills in people management and organisation before taking the next step to becoming an entrepreneur with the setting up of RGBA Studios. In the 8 years since the inception of RGBA Studios, Aakash has been a producer and business developer and is also one of three creative directors managing daily projects .
    • Ashish Pradhan

      Creative Director
    • Starting as a production assistant to now being a VF/x Supervisor, Ashish has been a part of the industry for the last 10 years. He started out as an assistant editor after his Graphic Design Diploma at XIC, Mumbai. In between Edit Solutions and working as a production assistant with various directors, he realized his strengths and started training on Discreet’s Flame as a Compositor. At the age of 18, he has been the youngest Flame user in India. From then on Ashish has worked with the most eminent studios in India. Ashish’s forte is 2D compositing, but over the years he has gained thorough understanding of the 3D component.
    • This enables him to have an artistic and visual overview of the entire project from conception to execution. His methodical and well-researched approach vis-à-vis his communication with the Director and the DOP has him contributing to the job right from the prep stage. He adds great aesthetic value to every job, troubleshoots all artists and is always striving to be better than before. He is well respected by the directors he has worked with, who turn to him for advice and the knowledge he brings to the final process.
    • Faramarz Wankadia

      Creative Director
    • Faramarz, a.k.a Freddy relies on the right-brain theory of visuals over figures. When it comes to ideation and thinking out of the box, Freddy is our go-to guy. Faramarz is a co- founder at RGBA Studios and a Creative Director of the company. Faramarz started off with a degree in commercial arts at RBCS (Mumbai) but found his calling in Visual Effects. Faramarz’s career took off with United Studios Limited as a Generalist. From here he moved on to an international setup - B.Inc. Faramarz gradiating his learning curve and transitioned from being a Generalist to a Motion Graphics artist to a Compositor.
    • His last stint was that of a previsualizer at Prime Focus Ltd where he honed not only his previz capabilities, but also his team management skills. His stint as a previsualizer has enhanced his ability to understand the camera, its lenses and the relation to the scene thus enabling the application of these techniques in the real world when it comes to onset VFX supervision .This experience has given Freddy the ability to direct TV Commercials himself.
    • Sandesh Pai

    • Sandesh started his career way back in 1994 on a software called lightwave 3D. He then traveled from OHRI grafix working on documentaries to an Ad Agency to handle their 3D product shots. Since then Sandesh has worked with studios like FX Factory, Western Outdoor, TATA Elxsi and Tatvah. He finally ended up at Prime Focus where he was the lighting TD. Although Sandesh has been a generalist for 10 years of his career, for the last 4 years, before founding RGBA, he did what he most enjoys - shading and lighting, making a team of fresh artists, with only a working knowledge of lighting into seasoned lighters.
    • Through his in-depth understanding of the entire CG pipeline and his vast experience in production Sandesh is a veteran . He provides a strong technical and artistic support to everyone at RGBA and adds significant value to every project he is involved in. Since co-founding RGBA Studios, Sandesh is our producer and has taken on the role of strategising and planning for the future of the company .
      • Services
    • Turnkey Production and Direction
      On set VFX Supervision
      Web-based animation and F/x
    • Visual F/x and Animationfor TVC and
      3D Research Animatics
      Medical Animation
      Digital Education Content
      Industrial Animation
    • Feature Films
      Product design
      Broadcast Design
      Architectural Visualization
      • Clients
    • Production Houses

      Red Ice Films
      Milestone Films
      Sharp Shooter Films
      Nitric Films
      Purple Vishnu
      Promo Shop
      Future East
      Jack in the Box
      Corcoise Films
      The Bakery
      Lemon Yellow Sun
      Film Farm
      Dungarpur Films
      Flying Saucer
      Camp Fire Tales
      Future Picture Company
      Rising Sun Pictures
      Dream catchers
      Lucid Space
    • Ad Agencies

      Contract Advertising
      Interface Communication
      The Commonwealth

      Turnkey Clients

      Cadbury India Ltd
      YouthInc Magazine
      Aditya Birla Group
      World Bank
      TV 18 Network
      Sony Pix
      Prana Studios
      Rakesh Mehra
      Atul Kasbekar
      Ogilvy & Mather