• CEAT Nehlau,Hand of God and Usain Bolt
      Client | CEAT
      Production House | Storyteller Films

      In a series of three 'time slice'videos that we put out for Ceat and Storyteller films, the brief was to recreate in post an effect that has hitehrto been done on set and in camera with extensive setups and a lot of tech complexity involving high speed photography with motion control. Freezing elements in time while the camera traverses the action. While some elements were cleverly built on set , most of the 'frozen' elements were CG. This involved 3D tracking of the fluid camera moves and photoreal rendering .
      • In the nehelau film, the rain, water splashes and frog were all CG.

      • In the Usain Bolt film, liquids were frozen, dust, paper, atmospherics etc were all CG.

      • In the hand of God film, rain,splashes, prop enhancements were done in post.