• Seat Belt Crew
      Client | Channel [V]
      Agency | O&M,Mumbai
      Production House | RGBA Studios

      Throw some agency penmen with carte blanche to stir things up, a slightly eccentric Bawa and some eunuchs into a social-message-cinematographic mix and it's a recipe for a few laughs to take the edge off what could be a patronising , boring script on a hackneyed subject. Coming off the back of a 4 year collaboration with Ogilvy Mumbai in a multitude of roles from in house animatics to post production VFX and cg for several TVCs originating at the Ogilvy think-tank, RGBA studios was approached by the Ryan-Vishal-Fracis-Ritik-Nithin team to direct a social service initiative for Channel [V] For RGBA this was an opportunity for our fledgling director , Faramarz to cut his teeth on a script that was a refreshing twist on your run of the mill social message. The idea of a free reign to think out of the box and a departure from the daily "for-client" commercial work ,appealed instantly and this promised to be an exciting collaboration . With an almost nonexistent budget but spurred on by need to do something socially relevant , this is what we put out over 2 weeks of guerrilla production and a few pumped engine-room huddles between the guys at Ogilvy and Faramarz . Being our debut full blown production and Faramarz's virgin attempt at film making , we appreciate the immense help and support from several quarters . This was a jam in the true sense of the word . Oh,and we made it to Cannes 2014 as a finalist. 4,677,722 views on YouTube . And counting.